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Vadmin is a control panel system that fits inside of SquirrelMail. It comes with features that allow system administrators to create, manage and delete user accounts amongst many other things. It can also be extended to manage any other aspects of the environment in which it is installed.

Vadmin is designed to support any number of system architectures by means of configurable backends. Currently, backends for VMailMgr and SQL database backed systems are included, and a proprietary local user accounts backend is also available. Other backends may be added in the future.

Vadmin incorporates tight security features, encryption, multiple levels of administrators, and many convenient options to make the life of an administrator easier. It also provides users with optional helpful features such as password change, auto-responder and mail forwarding systems.

This plugin also allows domain customizations so login pages look different depending on which URI it is being accessed at. This makes it very convenient to have just one SquirrelMail install per every virtual domain.

A sampling of features in Vadmin are as follows: